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Case Studies on the Regulatory Challenges Raised by Innovation and the Regulatory Responses

The pace and scope of innovation are challenging the way governments regulate. Existing regulatory frameworks might not be agile enough to accommodate the fast pace of technological development and, as a consequence, rules might become outdated. Beyond this pacing problem, technological innovation also blurs the traditional definition of markets, challenges enforcement and transcends administrative boundaries domestically and internationally. This report, which results from a joint project between the OECD and the Korea Development Institute, presents a set of case studies illustrating the different regulatory challenges raised by emerging technologies and the diversity of regulatory responses used to address them. The case studies cover data-driven business models, digital innovation in finance, smart contracts relying on distributed ledger technologies, digital technologies for smart logistics, and the sharing economy.

Available from December 14, 2021


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Executive summary
Case studies on the regulatory challenges raised by innovation and the regulatory responses6 chapters available
Case 1. Data-driven markets: regulatory challenges and regulatory approaches
Case 2. Digitalisation in finance: regulatory challenges and regulatory approaches
Case 3. Blockchain and smart contracts: regulatory challenges and regulatory approaches
Case 4. Ridesourcing services: regulatory challenges and regulatory approaches
Case 5. Regulatory challenges brought by technologies and business models for smart logistics
Case 6. The Korean experience of sharing economy and its policy implications
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