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Building a Global Compendium on Land Value Capture


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Land value capture tools are used around the world, yet there has been little comprehensive and comparable documentation on how these tools are employed across different countries.

  • What's land value capture?

Land value capture is a policy approach that enables communities to recover and reinvest land value increases that result from public investment and government actions. Land value capture is rooted in the notion that public action should generate public benefit. As challenges mount from rapid urbanisation, deteriorating infrastructure, climate change, and more, this funding source has never been more important to the future of municipalities. When used in conjunction with good governance and urban planning principles, land value capture can be an integral tool to help governments advance positive fiscal, social, and environmental outcomes.


  • About the Global Compendium on Land Value Capture

In close cooperation with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, the OECD seeks to investigate and gain a better understanding of how land value capture is used around the world, with a focus on aspects that are important for systematic adoption. This research will result in a Global Compendium on Land Value Capture, covering both OECD and non-OECD countries (60 in total). The Compendium aims to help promote the benefits and unpack common challenges of land value capture to policymakers at national and subnational governments as well as to academics, planning practitioners, and public officials.

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Policy Highlights


Land value capture policy brief (Lincoln Institute)


Implementing value capture in Latin America (Lincoln Institute)


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