Working Together for Local Integration of Migrants and Refugees in Rome

This report focuses on the local level integration of migrants in Rome, and provides information on the national framework for integration in Italy. While the study assumes that local authorities are at the forefront of migrant integration – providing information and essential services, ensuring access to education and the labour market, overcoming the barriers for full inclusion in the host society, and managing conflicts – local authorities are not alone. This report stresses the importance of multi-level governance of migrant integration, highlighting the key role of third sector enterprises, NGOs, business, faith-based organisations and unions. It identifies and shares selected local actions and governance practices to manage the short- and long-term effects of migration flows, and provides an international comparative of practices implemented by other EU cities, highlighting the most effective measures and lessons learned.

Published on April 02, 2019

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Key data on migrant presence and integration in Rome
The Checklist for public action to migrant integration at the local level applied to the city of Rome
Annexes2 chapters available
List of participants to the interviews with OECD delegation field visit March 22-24 2017
National legislative framework for Migration and Asylum
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