Recruiting Immigrant Workers: Japan 2024

Japan has historically been among the OECD countries with the lowest migration flows relative to its population. However, the situation has changed significantly in the past few years. To counteract the impact of rapid population ageing on the labour market, Japan has introduced major policy changes in the governance of recruitment from abroad. This review examines the role of labour migration policy in the specific context of Japan and identifies policy directions for the future. Covering labour migration at all skill levels, the review assesses how the long-standing migration channels for international students and high-skilled migrants fare in attracting and retaining international talent. It also reviews the main channels for low to medium skill trades, including the recently introduced Specified Skilled Worker Programme.

Published on June 30, 2024

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Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Summary of the evaluation of Japan's labour migration system and main recommendations
Context for labour migration
Labour migration to Japan
The policy framework for labour migration
Attracting and retaining high-skilled migrants and international students
Transforming and linking the training and skills based labour migration streams
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