Recent Trends in International Migration of Doctors, Nurses and Medical Students

This report describes recent trends in the international migration of doctors and nurses in OECD countries. Over the past decade, the number of doctors and nurses has increased in many OECD countries, and foreign-born and foreign-trained doctors and nurses have contributed to a significant extent. New in-depth analysis of the internationalisation of medical education shows that in some countries (e.g. Israel, Norway, Sweden and the United States) a large and growing number of foreign-trained doctors are people born in these countries who obtained their first medical degree abroad before coming back. The report includes four case studies on the internationalisation of medical education in Europe (France, Ireland, Poland and Romania) as well as a case study on the integration of foreign-trained doctors in Canada.

Published on July 25, 2019


Executive summary
Recent trends in international mobility of doctors and nurses
Recent trends in internationalisation of medical education
The internationalisation of medical education in France
The Irish paradox: Doctor shortages despite high numbers of domestic and foreign medical graduates
International students in Polish medical schools
Romania: A growing international medical education hub
Brain gain and waste in Canada: Physicians and nurses by place of birth and training
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