The OECD and Brazil: A mutually beneficial relationship

On 25 January 2022, the OECD Council decided to open accession discussions with Brazil. This follows careful deliberation by OECD Members on the basis of its evidence-based Framework for Consideration of Prospective Members and the progress made by Brazil since its first request for OECD membership.

Following Brazil’s adherence to the values, vision and priorities reflected in the OECD’s 60th Anniversary Vision Statement and the 2021 Ministerial Council Statement, the 38 OECD Members adopted on 10 June 2022 the Roadmap for the Accession of Brazil to the OECD Convention setting out the terms, conditions and process for its accession. 

Engaged with the OECD since 1994, Brazil became an active key Partner of the Organisation on 16 May 2007, following the OECD Council (at Ministerial level) resolution to strengthen the co-operation with Brazil, ChinaIndiaIndonesia and South Africa, through a programme of enhanced engagement that defined these countries as “Key Partners” of the OECD. As a Key Partner, Brazil has had access to Partnerships in OECD Bodies, adherence to OECD instruments, integration into OECD statistical reporting and information systems, sector-specific peer reviews, and has been invited to all OECD meetings at Ministerial level since 1999. Brazil has contributed to the work of OECD Committees and has participated on an equal footing with OECD Members in a number of significant bodies and projects.

The OECD’s Global Relations Secretariat has managed the strategic co-ordination of this relationship on behalf of Members, ensuring that the dialogue remains focused, forward-looking and mutually beneficial. Meetings have usually been held between Brazilian officials; experts from OECD countries and the OECD Secretariat on mutually agreed upon topics and have been jointly prepared with analytical studies.  Brazil has valued the opportunity to discuss major policy issues and challenges in a multilateral context and to learn from the experiences of OECD countries facing similar challenges in many areas. The relationship has also benefitted OECD members and non-OECD economies by enabling them to acquire a better understanding of Brazil as it has become a major actor in the globalised economy. 




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 The 4th Ministerial Summit on Productivity "Towards a productive, human-centred and sustainable integration in the world economy" celebrated on 23-24 June 2022 in Brasilia, Brazil, gathered senior officials from OECD and LAC countries, international organisations, and representatives from both the private sector and civil society, around the theme Towards a productive, human-centred and sustainable integration in the world economy and will examine strategies and actions to achieve it.

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