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A mutually beneficial relationship

Peru is one of the most active Partner countries. Peru was amongst the first countries to engage with the OECD through an OECD Country Programme, which was built around five key areas: economic growth; public governance, anti-corruption and transparency; human capital and productivity; and environment. The Programme comprised policy reviews, implementation and capacity building projects, participation in OECD Committees and adherence to selected OECD legal instruments. 


Peru has made use of the OECD’s expertise, practices and legal instruments to support its reform agenda. For example, in 2018, Peru took important steps toward fighting corruption and fostering greater transparency and exchange of information by completing the necessary steps to become a Party to the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (Anti-Bribery Convention) and the multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters. In addition, Peru enacted 29 legislative decrees that implement OECD recommendations and other policy standards in areas such as environment, waste management, transparency and exchange of information in tax matters, regulatory policy, cross-border bribery, integrity and rural and urban development.


To co-ordinate the relationship, the OECD’s Global Relations Secretariat develops and oversees the strategic orientation of this relationship and ensures that the dialogue remains focused and forward-looking. This results in a mutually beneficial relationship. The review and evaluation procedure allows for the sharing of OECD standards and best practices with Peruvian authorities, and the identification of areas for future reforms. Peru values the opportunity to discuss major policy issues and challenges in a multilateral context and to learn from the experiences of OECD countries facing similar challenges in many areas. In turn, this dialogue enriches the OECD’s knowledge and policy advice, and benefits OECD members and non-OECD economies by enabling them to acquire a better understanding of Peru.



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"Peru has been an example of a free and stable economy that strives to provide equal opportunities, through sound management of public policies, as well as by harnessing the opportunities offered by international and regional cooperation and integration. Adopting OECD standards in fields such as integrity, anticorruption measures, fiscal transparency and public governance, has allowed us to maintain dynamic and sustained development. Our continuous efforts to become a full member of the OECD is a national policy that has been maintained during successive governments and enjoys widespread public support. It is widely recognized that the OECD has contributed to the bolstering of more transparent and citizen-oriented economies in the region."

Martin Vizcarra, President of Peru





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