Government at a Glance: How Korea Compares

This report provides a series of indicators on Korea's policymaking practices and government performance compared to those of other OECD countries and of the G7 countries. Based on the Korean government reform objectives, this publication discusses how to strengthen evidence-based policymaking in the Korean public administration and, more generally, how to improve public service delivery and results for more inclusive growth. Although Korea is currently in an enviable fiscal situation compared to other OECD and G7 countries, the growing old-age-dependency ratio will inevitably increase budget pressures in the coming years. Concrete actions are therefore needed now to promote greater efficiency and value for money in public spending and public service delivery.

Published on June 22, 2016


Foreword and acknowledgements
Executive summary
Reader's guide
Public finances in Korea
Public employment and compensation in Korea
Open and transparent government in Korea
Administrative burden and regulatory governance in Korea
Government performance and the health and long term care system in Korea
Government performance and the education system in Korea
Annexes3 chapters available
Change in government expenditures by COFOG
Classification of the functions of government (COFOG)
Political system in Korea
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