Fit Mind, Fit Job

From Evidence to Practice in Mental Health and Work

The costs of mental ill-health for individuals, employers and society at large are enormous. Mental illness is responsible for a very significant loss of potential labour supply, high rates of unemployment, and a high incidence of sickness absence and reduced productivity at work. Following an introductory report (Sick on the Job: Myths and Realities about Mental Health and Work) and nine country reports, this final synthesis report summarizes the findings from the participating countries and makes the case for a stronger policy response.

Published on March 04, 2015Also available in: French

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English Fit Mind, Fit Job (Summary in English)
Spanish Mente Sana, Empleo Sano


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Assessment and conclusions - The OECD mental health and work policy framework
Mental health and work: The case for a stronger policy response
Ensuring educational attainment and school-to-work transition for young people with mental ill-health
Creating employment-oriented mental health care systems
From workplace stress prevention to employer incentives and support for workers with mental health problems
Improving benefit systems and employment services for jobseekers with mental ill-health
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