Beating Cancer Inequalities in the EU

Spotlight on Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

Cancer causes almost a quarter of all deaths in the EU27, Norway and Iceland, with five new cancer cases diagnosed every minute in 2022. Assessing and improving cancer care from prevention to treatment is essential for promoting longer, healthier lives. This report addresses the latest trends in cancer incidence and mortality in the EU and reviews key cancer risk factors, cancer screening programmes and early diagnoses, and issues in the provision of high-quality cancer care. Country performance, cross-cutting challenges and new developments are examined with a particular focus on disparities by regions, socio-economic status and gender. The report provides policy makers with fiscal, regulatory and health systems organisation tools, as well as examples of initiatives that can be undertaken in primary care, workplaces, and schools to better control cancer and counter inequalities.

Published on January 31, 2024

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Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
Beating cancer inequalities: Current trends and key policy directions
Trends in the cancer burden
Preventing cancer: Identifying risk factors and related inequalities
Improving early diagnosis and screening programmes
Ensuring the sustainability of high-quality cancer care systems
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