Green growth and sustainable development


Green Growth Indicators for Agriculture

A Preliminary Assessment

An integral component of any green growth strategy is a highly-reliable set of measurement tools and indicators that would enable policy makers to evaluate how effective policies are, and to gauge the progress being achieved in shifting economic activity onto a greener path. These tools and indicators, which will need to be based on internationally comparable data, must also be embedded in a conceptual framework and selected according to a clearly-specified set of criteria. This report is a first step towards developing a framework to monitor progress on green growth in the agricultural sector in OECD countries. The goal is to identify relevant, succinct and measurable statistics to implement the OECD Green Growth Strategy Measurement Framework which provides a common basis for further developing green growth indicators in the agricultural sector in OECD countries.

Published on October 02, 2014Also available in: French

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Main online data sources
Executive summary
Conceptual considerations to greening agricultural growth
Contextual indicators for agricultural growth
Monitoring the environmental efficiency and natural resource productivity of agriculture
Monitoring the impact of agriculture on the natural asset base and environmental quality of life
Monitoring policy responses and economic opportunities in agriculture
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