Training in Enterprises

New Evidence from 100 Case Studies

Enterprises are a key provider of education and training for adults across OECD countries. Yet, policy-makers lack a detailed understanding of how training in enterprises takes place. This report opens the black box of training and informal learning in enterprises by providing in-depth insights on: i) what training and learning opportunities enterprises provide; ii) why they provide training (or not); and iii) how they make decisions about training. It presents new evidence from 100 qualitative cases studies in five countries: Austria, Estonia, France, Ireland and Italy. The findings will assist governments and social partners in designing and implementing better policies in support of training in enterprises.

Available from October 29, 2021

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Executive summary
About the study
What learning opportunities do enterprises provide?
Why do enterprises train?
How do enterprises make decisions about training?
Why and how should enterprises be supported?
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