Industrial Policy for the Sustainable Development Goals

Increasing the Private Sector’s Contribution

How can governments support the private sector’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? This book investigates the contribution of firms to the SDGs, particularly through their core business, taking into account inter-sectoral linkages and global value chains, using novel techniques and data sources. Despite the fact that the private sector has the potential to contribute to a wide range of SDGs, and that many firms find it economically viable to develop sustainable products and services, firms still face significant hurdles in their sustainability transition. Based on this new evidence, this book provides some recommendations on the design of industrial policies to enhance the contribution of businesses to the SDGs.

Available from September 15, 2021


Acronyms, abbreviations and units of measure
Executive summary
The role of the business sector with respect to the SDGs
Measuring the share of the private sector related to the SDGs
The cross-border impact of SDG-related activities
Industrial policies for the SDGs
Designing and implementing SDG‑oriented industrial policies
Annexes6 chapters available
Examples of firms’ SDG actions
Performance of the SDG identification algorithm
Detailed results: Measuring the contribution of the private sector to the SDGs
Regional and country coverage
Results of the policy benchmarking exercise
Framework conditions and sustainability
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