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The Economic Consequences of Outdoor Air Pollution

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the economic consequences of outdoor air pollution in the coming decades, focusing on the impacts on mortality, morbidity, and changes in crop yields as caused by high concentrations of pollutants. Unless more stringent policies are adopted, findings point to a significant increase in global emissions and concentrations of air pollutants, with severe impacts on human health and the environment. The market impacts of outdoor air pollution are projected to lead to significant economic costs, which are illustrated at the regional and sectoral levels, and to substantial annual global welfare costs.

Published on June 09, 2016Also available in: French


Preface and acknowlegements
Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
The links between outdoor air pollution and economic growth
A framework for assessing the economic consequences of outdoor air pollution
Projections of economic growth and impacts of outdoor air pollution
Consequences of outdoor air pollution for economic growth
Welfare costs of outdoor air pollution to 2060
Annexes3 chapters available
Description of the ENV-Linkages model
Description of the TM5-FASST model
Methodology to calculate the health impacts
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