OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2017

The digital transformation

With some 200 indicators, the 2017 edition of the OECD Science, Technology and Industry (STI) Scoreboard shows how the digital transformation affects science, innovation, the economy, and the way people work and live. It aims to help governments design more effective science, innovation and industry policies in the fast-changing digital era. The charts and underlying data in this publication are available for download and over half the indicators contain additional data expanding the time and/or country coverage of the print edition.

Published on November 22, 2017Also available in: French

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SUMMARIESavailable in 26 languages

English OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2017 (Summary in English)
French Science, technologie et industrie : Tableau de bord de l’OCDE 2017
Spanish Indicadores de Ciencia, Tecnología e Industria de la OCDE 2017
German OECD-Scoreboard Wissenschaft, Technologie und Industrie 2017
Japanese OECD科学技術・産業スコアボード2017
Italian Quadro di valutazione dell’OCSE su scienza, tecnologia e industria 2017
Chinese 2017OECD科学、技术与产业计分表
Czech Výhled OECD na rok 2017 v oblasti vědy, technologií a inovací
Danish OECD's 2017-resultattavle for Videnskab, Teknologi og Industri
Dutch OESO Wetenschap, Technologie en Industrie Scoreboard 2017
Estonian OECD teaduse, tehnika ja tööstuse tulemustabel aastal 2017
Finnish OECD:n Tiede-, Teknologia- ja Teollisuustulostaulu 2017
Greek Επιστήμη, Τεχνολογία και Βιομηχανία: Πίνακας Αποτελεσμάτων του ΟΟΣΑ, Έκδοση 2017
Hebrew דוח OECD על תוצאות מדע, טכנולוגיה ותעשייה לשנת 2017
Hungarian OECD 2017. évi tudományos, technológiai és ipari eredménytábla
Icelandic Stigatafla OECD í vísindum, tækni og iðnaði árið 2017
Korean 2017년도 OECD 과학·기술·산업 평가서
Latvian OECD 2017. gada rezultātu pārskats zinātnes, tehnoloģiju un rūpniecības jomā
Norwegian OECDs statusrapport om vitenskap, teknologi og industri for 2017
Polish Raport OECD - Nauka, technologia i przemysł 2017
Portuguese Painel de Avaliação da OCDE para a Ciência, Tecnologia e Indústria em 2017
Russian Перспективы науки, технологий и промышленности ОЭСР 2017
Slovak OECD – Prehľad výsledkov vedy, techniky a priemyslu v roku 2017
Slovene Statistični pregled OECD za področje znanosti, tehnologije in industrije 2017
Swedish OECD-ländernas resultattabell 2017 i naturvetenskap, teknik och industri
Turkish OECD 2017 Bilim, Teknoloji ve Endüstri Puan Kartı


Reader's guide
Executive summary
Knowledge economies and the digital transformation3 chapters available
Science, innovation and the digital revolution
Growth, jobs and the digital transformation
Innovation today: Taking action
Knowledge, talent and skills7 chapters available
Investment in knowledge
Higher education and basic research
The science and engineering workforce
Skills in the digital era
Returns to ICT skills
Knowledge capital
Research excellence and collaboration7 chapters available
Research excellence and specialisation
Excellence in scientific collaboration
International mobility of the highly skilled
Scientists on the move
The globalisation of R&D
Inventions across borders
Collaboration on innovation
Innovation in firms7 chapters available
Business R&D
Top R&D players
IP bundles
ICT and innovation
Mixed modes of innovation
R&D tax incentives
Policy environment and demand for innovation
Leadership and competitiveness7 chapters available
R&D specialisation
E-business uptake
E-business across applications and sectors
Start-up dynamics
Technological advantage
Participation in global value chains
Trade and jobs
Society and the digital transformation8 chapters available
Digital natives
Internet users
Users' sophistication
E-consumers across borders
Data sources
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