Good Jobs for All in a Changing World of Work

The OECD Jobs Strategy

The digital revolution, globalisation and demographic changes are transforming labour markets at a time when policy makers are also struggling with persistently slow productivity and wage growth and high levels of income inequality. The new OECD Jobs Strategy provides a comprehensive framework and detailed policy analysis and recommendations to help countries promote not only strong job creation but also foster job quality and inclusiveness as central policy priorities, while emphasising the importance of resilience and adaptability for good economic and labour market performance in a rapidly changing world of work. The key message is that flexibility-enhancing policies in product and labour markets are necessary but not sufficient. Policies and institutions that protect workers, foster inclusiveness and allow workers and firms to make the most of ongoing changes are also needed to promote good and sustainable outcomes. “The OECD’s latest Jobs Strategy is a smart and sensible updating and rethinking of how countries should advance the goal of shared prosperity. I hope policymakers around the world not only read it but take its important advice.” Jason Furman, Professor Harvard Kennedy School and former Chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers   “Inequality, economic insecurity, economic exclusion, are making the headlines.  Anger is high, populist rhetoric is on the rise.   What can be done?  What strategies to adopt?  These are the challenging questions taken up by the new OECD Jobs Strategy report.  I hope the report triggers the very serious discussions these issues deserve.”    Olivier Blanchard, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute, Emeritus Professor at MIT and former Chief Economist of the IMF

Published on December 04, 2018Also available in: French

SUMMARIESavailable in 8 languages

English Good Jobs for All in a Changing World of Work (Summary in English)
French Des emplois de qualité pour tous dans un monde du travail en mutation
Spanish Buenos empleos para todos en un mundo laboral cambiante
German Gute Arbeitsplätze für alle in einer sich wandelnden Arbeitswelt
Japanese 変化する労働環境における万人にとって良い仕事とは
Italian Posti di lavoro di qualità per tutti in un mondo del lavoro in mutamento
Chinese 在变化的职场中,人人都有好工作
Portuguese Bons empregos para todos num mundo de trabalho em mudança


Key messages and recommendations
Overview5 chapters available
The challenge: Broadly shared productivity gains
A new framework for assessing labour market performance
Policies and institutions to enhance labour market performance
Implementing reforms
Detailed policy recommendations
More and better jobs3 chapters available
Fostering worker productivity
Promoting fair wages and labour taxes
Protecting and supporting workers
Labour market inclusiveness3 chapters available
Tackling deep and persistent inequalities in the labour market
Enhancing the prospects of disadvantaged workers in the labour market
Managing self-employment, new forms of work, and the platform economy
Resilient and adaptable labour markets2 chapters available
Nurturing labour market resilience
Promoting adaptable labour markets
Implementing the OECD Jobs Strategy3 chapters available
The political economy of reforms
Boosting labour market performance in emerging economies
Going national: Implementing the OECD Jobs Strategy
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