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Pensions at a Glance 2019

OECD and G20 Indicators

The 2019 edition of Pensions at a Glance highlights the pension reforms undertaken by OECD countries over the last two years. Moreover, two special chapters focus on non-standard work and pensions in OECD countries, take stock of different approaches to organising pensions for non-standard workers in the OECD, discuss why non-standard work raises pension issues and suggest how pension settings could be improved. This edition also updates information on the key features of pension provision in OECD countries and provides projections of retirement income for today’s workers. It offers indicators covering the design of pension systems, pension entitlements, the demographic and economic context in which pension systems operate, incomes and poverty of older people, the finances of retirement-income systems and private pensions.

Published on November 27, 2019Also available in: French

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SUMMARIESavailable in 16 languages

English Pensions at a Glance 2019 (Summary in English)
French Panorama des pensions 2019
Spanish Las pensiones de un vistazo 2019
German Renten auf einen Blick 2019
Japanese 図表で見る年金 2019
Italian Uno sguardo sulle pensioni
Arabic لمحة عن المعاشات في 2019
Chinese 2019年养老金概览
Greek Οι συντάξεις με μια ματιά 2019
Indonesian Sekilas Pensiun 2019
Korean 2019년 연금부문 개요
Norwegian Et blikk på pensjoner 2019
Polish Przegląd emerytalny OECD 2019
Portuguese Panorama das Pensões 2019
Russian Взгляд на пенсии 2019
Turkish 2019 Tek Bakışta Emekli Maaşları


Editorial – Pensions for non-standard workers
Executive summary
Recent pension reforms
Non-standard forms of work and pensions
Are funded pensions well designed to adapt to non-standard forms of work?
Design of Pension Systems5 chapters available
Architecture of national pension systems
Basic, targeted and minimum pensions
Mandatory earnings-related pensions
Current retirement ages
Future retirement ages
Pension Entitlements12 chapters available
Methodology and assumptions
Gross pension replacement rates
Gross pension replacement rates for different entry age
Gross replacement rates: Public vs Private, Mandatory vs Voluntary schemes
Tax treatment of pensions and pensioners
Net pension replacement rates
Net pension replacement rates: Mandatory and Voluntary schemes
Gross pension wealth
Net pension wealth
Gross pension entitlements for couples
Impact of childcare breaks on pension entitlements
Impact of unemployment breaks on pension entitlements
Demographic and Economic Context6 chapters available
Life expectancy
Demographic Old-Age to Working-Age Ratio
Employment rates of older workers
Effective age of labour market exit
Expected life years after labour market exit
Incomes and poverty of older people4 chapters available
Incomes of older People
Old-age income poverty
Old-age income inequality
Average wage
Finances of retirement-income systems4 chapters available
Mandatory pension contributions
Public expenditure on pensions
Private expenditure on pensions
Long-term projections of public pension expenditure
Funded pensions and public pension reserve funds8 chapters available
Coverage of funded and private pension plans
Contributions paid into funded and private pension plans
Assets in funded and private pension plans, and public pension reserve funds
Allocation of assets
Investment performance
Structure of funded and private pension systems
Fees charged to members of defined contribution plans
Funding ratios of defined benefit plans
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