Education equity dashboard

The OECD Education Equity Dashboard is a tool for policy makers and the public to monitor country efforts to promote equity and inclusion in education. The dashboard contains 35 key internationally comparable indicators on different aspects of equity in and through education, from the OECD and other organisations.

The dashboard is best viewed on desktop using full-screen mode. Use of the Firefox browser is not recommended.

Background to the dashboard

The dashboard was developed for the OECD Education and Skills Ministerial meeting on 7-8 December 2022.

Consistent with the OECD’s work on equity in and through education, the dashboard examines education over the life course and considers the link between education and educational, economic and social outcomes. Equity is measured using 35 key comparative indicators, covering two overarching and five policy aims.

The dashboard is in line with the main messages of the Ministerial Key Issues Paper and the Ministerial Declaration on “Building Equitable Societies through Education”.

The dashboard adopts a multilevel structure, covering both educational and economic outcomes and potential structural drivers and influences of these outcomes. This is described by its storyline:

Storyline of the dashboard

Indicators have been selected for their conceptual relevance and their importance for equity in and through education both now and in the future.

Where does the data come from?

Data for most of the indicators are drawn from large international education and skills surveys and data collection programmes, like OECD PISA, OECD PIAAC, OECD TALIS and OECD INES, alongside information from OECD databases, and other international organisations. Detailed information on the sources used for each indicator are available in the "About the dashboard" section of the dashboard.

Where can I find the data?

All data used in the dashboard are freely available to download using the button below.



Why equity in education matters?



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