OECD Economic Surveys: Colombia 2019

Colombia has made good economic and social progress over the last two decades. Macroeconomic policies are solid and have sustained growth and smooth adjustments to shocks over the years. Maintaining and strengthening the policy framework is key to sustainable macroeconomic policies and setting the basis for higher productivity and inclusiveness. Putting Colombia on a path to stronger and more inclusive growth, and reducing dependence on natural resources, requires boosting productivity by adopting structural reforms in competition, regulations, trade policy, infrastructure, innovation, and skills. Reducing informality and boosting job-quality would extend the benefits of growth to all Colombians, underpinning economic and political support for reform. SPECIAL FEATURES: BOOSTING EXPORTS AND INTEGRATION INTO THE WORLD ECONOMY; FOSTERING HIGH-QUALITY JOBS FOR ALL

Published on December 21, 2019

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Basic statistics of Colombia, 2018
Executive summary
Key policy insights
Thematic chapters2 chapters available
Boosting exports and integration into the world economy
Fostering high-quality jobs for all in Colombia
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