Going Digital Toolkit

Is your country going digital or falling behind?

The ongoing digital transformation of the economy and society holds many promises to spur innovation, generate efficiencies and improve services, and in doing so boost growth. Digital technologies empower people by increasing access to information and enabling new forms of social engagement.

Yet such benefits come with other challenges as digital technologies change the nature and structure of organisations, markets and communities, and raise concerns about equity and inclusion. It is essential that people, firms and governments come together to put digital technologies and data to work for economic and social well-being.

How should platform work and app-based ride services be regulated? How can we measure digital well-being? What are the competition effects of consumer data? The OECD Going Digital Toolkit includes indicators, policy guidance and related publications to answer these questions and help countries realise the promises of digital transformation for all.

It also contains Going Digital Toolkit notes that identify innovative approaches to addressing the most pressing policy and measurement challenges of the digital age.