Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development (PD-NR)

Resource producing and importing countries as well as extractive industries must work together to make the extractive sector a catalyst for low-carbon, climate-resilient, inclusive and sustainable development. The OECD Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development (PD-NR) offers an intergovernmental platform for peer learning and knowledge sharing, where OECD and non-OECD producing countries, in consultation with extractive industries, civil society organisations, and think tanks, craft innovative and collaborative solutions for resource-based development.

Options for Operationalising Transparency in Commodity Trading Transactions

This report makes a case for a common global standard on transparency of payments that trading hubs, home governments and industry associations can use to ensure consistency, comparability and usability of data.

Typology of Corruption Risks in Commodity Trading Transactions

The report maps out corruption risks of cross-cutting relevance for the sales of oil, gas and minerals that can arise at several points in commodity trading transactions.

Guiding Principles for Durable Extractive Contracts

The reports provide guidance on how to develop resource projects that reflect the balance of risks and rewards that underpins durable contracts.

How to Select Buyers of Oil, Gas and Minerals - Guidance for State-Owned Enterprises

This policy tool is intended to strengthen state-owned enterprises (SOEs)’ capacity to market commodities and optimise the value of resources sold.

The Role of Sovereign and Strategic Investment Funds in the Low-carbon Transition

This report provides guidance on how sovereign funds’ action on climate finance could influence the world’s ability to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Collaborative Strategies for In-Country Shared Value Creation - Framework for Extractive Projects

The Framework is an operational tool offering guidance on actionable steps for harnessing non-renewable natural resources to build competitive, diversified, and sustainable economies in a scalable manner.

Latest news

  • 27-28 June 2022 – 18th Plenary Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development (virtual format only)
  • 14-15 December 2021 – 17th Plenary Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development (virtual format only)
  • 5 November 2021 – Ministerial Panel on: How to achieve an Equitable Energy Transition in Extractive-based Developing and Emerging Economies? A COP26 European Union Side Event organised by the OECD Development Centre, in collaboration with Carbon Tracker Initiative, Chatham House and The Commonwealth Secretariat.

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