Inclusive societies and development

Policy Dialogue on Social Protection and Development


Sustainable Development Goal 1.3 and the Universal Social Protection Agenda 2030 outline commitments to establish universal social protection systems by 2030, with the aim to achieve sufficient coverage for all. Greater coverage protects workers and their dependents against risks and shocks to their livelihoods, reduces poverty and inequality and increases the capacity to engage in productive activities and investment, thereby stimulating inclusive growth.

The Policy Dialogue on Social Protection and Development is an interactive platform for issue-based peer exchange, mutual learning and collective knowledge production to develop and sustain inclusive social protection systems. Through a discussion of research findings and policy implications, it endeavours to provide a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in the extension and financing of social protection to push forward global agendas on i) inequality reduction ii) gender equality iii) the transition from the informal to formal economy and iv) effective domestic resource mobilization.

Participation in the PD-SPD is open to all of Development Centre member countries as well as its strategic institutional and country partners with which it has, or has had an explicit engagement on social protection

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Read the summary of the first meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Social Protection and Development: Extending Social protection to Informal Economy Workers


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