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Global and regional roundtables


The OECD Business Integrity Roundtable is a forum to identify, exchange and promote good practices on anti-corruption compliance among private sector, government, law enforcement and civil society representatives from OECD Member and non-Member countries.

Organised by the OECD Working Group on Bribery as part of its outreach efforts, the Roundtables have featured global, regional and thematic sessions focused on, for example, business integrity trends, incentives and engagement with SMEs.

The 2023-24 Roundtables focus on promoting the implementation of business integrity aspects of the 2021 Anti-Bribery Recommendation, and continue to explore ways to identify and document cross-country business integrity trends.


Mapping anti-corruption good practices across jurisdictions

22 May 2023

Organised jointly with the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA), this roundtable brought together representatives of government, including law enforcement authorities, academia, civil society and international organisations to discuss an AFA report on regulatory frameworks for promoting corporate anti-corruption compliance across a variety of jurisdictions.

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Government incentives and assessments for promoting corporate anti-corruption compliance: Expert meeting and public-private dialogue

22 - 23 May 2023

These events were held under the auspices of the Global Initiative to Galvanize the Private Sector as Partners to Combat Corruption, which aims to mobilise the private sector as critical actors in the fight against corruption, help level the playing field and promote a rules-based international business climate. With the support of the US Department of State, the Initiative builds on the OECD’s multidisciplinary approach to promoting anti-corruption, trust and integrity, operationalises international standards and takes forward a core commitment from the United States Strategy on Countering Corruption.

The events were organised jointly with the UNODC under its Global Action for Business Integrity project. The expert discussion took a first step toward identifying good practices that governments can use to incentivise corporate compliance efforts more effectively, and the public-private dialogue provided a forum to discuss the business perspective on government incentives for anti-corruption compliance and the challenges faced when authorities seek to award incentives based on corporate compliance efforts.

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Promoting Business Integrity in SMEs

14 December 2022 | Virtual Event | 14h30 (CEST)

This roundtable launched the Toolkit for Raising Awareness and Preventing Corruption in SMEs and the study on Anti-Corruption Compliance in Times Of Crisis: Building Resilience and Seizing Opportunities and featured an exchange of best practices to promote business integrity in SMEs. Bringing together governments, international and business organisations, and companies, roundtable panellists discussed how to support and incentivise anti-corruption compliance programmes, and compliance challenges and opportunities presented in crisis contexts.

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Global and regional Business Integrity Roundtables in 2022 and 2021

OECD standards on business integrity


Key topics of the 2021 Anti-Bribery Recommendation

  • Government incentives for corporate anti-corruption compliance

  • Assessing anti-corruption compliance programmes

  • Internal controls, ethics and compliance of companies, including state-owned enterprises and SMEs

  • Reporting and protection of reporting persons

  • Solicitation of bribery

  • Collective action against corruption and public-private partnerships



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Global knowledge products

Anti-corruption compliance in times of crisis: Building resilience and seizing opportunities

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Toolkit for raising awareness and preventing corruption in SMEs


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Regional knowledge products

Business integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia 


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