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Infrastructure finance by bilateral and multilateral development partners


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Infrastructure — such as water and sanitation, transport, energy and communications — is fundamental for economic growth, poverty reduction and human development. However, with the population of developing countries expected to continue growing in the decades ahead — particularly with high rates of urbanisation — current resources are insufficient to fill the infrastructure investment gaps of these countries.

Therefore, development partners are trying to mobilise private finance for infrastructure in three ways. First, they help developing country governments improve the enabling environment, both for the general investment climate and in the specific infrastructure sectors. Second, they fund various initiatives such as Project Preparation Facilities, Project Facilitation Platforms and Blended Finance mechanisms. And third, development finance institutions provide equity, loans, guarantees and technical assistance directly to private companies to reduce their risk of investing in infrastructure.


The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) captures the flows of Official Development Finance (ODF) for infrastructure, which include Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Other Official Flows (OOF). The ODF for infrastructure data is disaggregated into four sectors and 45 sub-sectors. In this context, quantitative and qualitative research is conducted to analyse strategies and activities of development partners in supporting projects and in mobilising private sector resources for infrastructure in developing countries.

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Official Development Finance (ODF) for infrastructure at a glance

Infrastructure Finance


  • ODF for infrastructure by donor and by recipient
  • Trend of ODF for infrastructure, 2005-19
  • ODF for infrastructure in commitment and disbursement
  • Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Other Official Flows (OOF) for infrastructure
  • ODF for infrastructure by sector

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