Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic: Human Resource Management for Innovation in Government

This review represents a new policy approach for public sector reviews, linking the traditional thematic public employment and strategic human resource management (HRM) framework to public sector innovation and service delivery challenges in the Dominican Republic. The study is based on lessons learned from the experience of OECD member and key partner countries, starting with an economic and institutional analysis of the Dominican context in a broader regional perspective. The report provides a detailed diagnosis of its public employment management and pragmatic solutions for improving it. The recommendations are based on assessments in the following priority areas: the use of strategic workforce planning and management, the state's ability to acquire and retain workforce competencies and enhancing government's core values, performance management and leadership, HRM reforms and the capacity to implement innovative approaches for a more efficient and effective public administration leading to better service delivery.

Published on April 09, 2015Also available in: Spanish

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Acronyms and abbreviations
Country profile
Executive summary
Assessment and key recommendations
The economic and institutional relevance of innovation for the Dominican Republic in a broader regional perspective
Strategic workforce planning and management to meet current and future public service delivery challenges in the Dominican Republic
Investing in the future by acquiring, building and retaining talent in the Dominican public administration
Enhancing performance orientation and building leadership for stronger public sector performance in the Dominican Republic
Strengthening HRM reforms in the Dominican public administration for more innovative and tangible results
Complementary innovative approaches for an efficient and effective public administration leading to better service delivery in the Dominican Republic
Annexes3 chapters available
Slovenian public salary reform
Open and inclusive policy making for better performance
M-government Checklist
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