A Roadmap towards Circular Economy of North Macedonia

This roadmap is designed to aid North Macedonia’s government in establishing a solid policy foundation for a successful transition to a circular economy. As an EU candidate country, North Macedonia has pledged to align with European climate objectives, endorsing the Sofia Declaration on the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans, with a particular focus on the circular economy transition. Acknowledging the pivotal role of this transition in national and regional development and actively addressing challenges posed by climate change, reliance on imported raw materials and increased waste, North Macedonia is ready for a strategic framework and concrete actions to initiate this transformative process. Derived from a comprehensive diagnostic of North Macedonia’s circular economy landscape, the roadmap strategically integrates existing policy initiatives, fostering synergies across sectors, measures and involved actors. It emphasises five key areas – circular business models for SMEs, construction, biomass and food, textile industry and mining and metallurgy – revealing over 40 policy recommendations. These recommendations, supported by a monitoring framework, are poised to be a cornerstone for propelling North Macedonia towards a more sustainable and circular future.

Published on March 15, 2024


Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary
State-of-play of the circular economy in North Macedonia
Selected priority areas of the Circular Economy Roadmap for North Macedonia
Circular business models for small and medium-sized enterprises in North Macedonia
Towards a circular construction sector in North Macedonia
Circular transition for biomass and food in North Macedonia
Establishing a circular textile industry in North Macedonia
Circular potential in mining and metallurgy in North Macedonia
Monitoring framework
Annexes3 chapters available
Stakeholder engagement in developing the Circular Economy Roadmap for North Macedonia
Development co-operation projects on the circular economy in North Macedonia
Non-governmental stakeholders involved in circular economy initiatives in North Macedonia
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