Corporate governance

OECD Review of Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Argentina


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Date of publication
2 May 2018


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This report evaluates the corporate governance framework for the Argentinian state-owned enterprise sector relative to the OECD Guidelines on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises. The report was prepared at the request of Argentina. It is based on discussions involving all OECD countries.


Table of contents

Argentinian corporate governance landscape

  1. Economic and political context in Argentina
  2. Legal and regulatory environment in Argentina
  3. Overview of the Argentinian state-owned sector
  4. Ownership arrangements and responsibilities

Review against the OECD Guidelines for SOEs

  1. Rationales for state ownership
  2. The state’s role as an owner
  3. State-owned enterprises in the marketplace
  4. Equitable treatment of shareholders and other investor
  5. Stakeholder relations and responsible business
  6. Disclosure and transparency
  7. The responsibilities of the boards of state-owned enterprises

Conclusions and recommendations

  1. Overview
  2. State ownership practices
  3. Boards of directors
  4. Disclosure and transparency

Annex 1. List of all state-owned enterprises within the scope of this review
Annex 2. Origin and composition of SOE boards
Annex 3. Gender diversity in SOE boards
Annex 4. Guidelines ("Lineamientos") on the Good Governance of SOEs


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