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SME Performance


Improving SME business capacity and performance is critical to increase the productivity of countries, regions and cities, create jobs, reduce inequalities, and build a more resilient and sustainable growth



Although there is scope for all types of SMEs to scale up capacity and grow, only a small percentage of them do so in OECD countries. Most SMEs, including start-ups, show lower levels of productivity and wages, lower levels of technology adoption and innovation, or lower levels of internationalisation and participation in global value chains.

Conditions and barriers to SME and start-up performance vary with business environment, market conditions, institutional and regulatory framework, or their access to infrastructure and strategic resources, such as skills, finance, knowledge, data, technology or networks, etc. 



The OECD can help improve understanding about the conditions and drivers of SME and entrepreneurship performance. In collaboration with national and local governments, the OECD can undertake country- or place-specific analyses, and foster mutual learning on the good policy practices that could unleash the potential of SMEs and start-ups to drive innovation, productivity, job creation and a more sustainable and inclusive growth.


6+1 pillars of SME&E performanceSource: SME and Entrepreneurship Outlook 2019‌‌ 



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