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How's life in your region?


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How’s life?  The answer can depend on what region you live in.  Evidence shows that some factors that most influence peoples’ well-being are local issues

The OECD Regional Well-being web tool allows you to measure well-being in your region and compare it with 394 other OECD regions based on eleven topics central to the quality of our lives.

Comparable measures of regional well-being offer a new way to gauge what policies work and can empower a community to act to achieve higher well-being for its citizens.

What's measured?

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Improving lives for citizens starts with improving the regions where they live.

Measuring regional wellbeing

Better Life Initative

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Regions within & across countries can be compared using indicators in 11 areas.

Indicators overview

Well-being topics

What is a region?

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Publications that connect well-being indicators and policy making in regions.

How's life in Your Region?Measuring Well-being in Mexican States

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Events outlining the project framework and case studies.

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