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We help local and national governments unleash the potential of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises, promote inclusive and sustainable regions and cities, boost local job creation and implement sound tourism policies.

These are the upcoming events of the Centre.


April 2024



  • 9-11 April:  OECD infrastructure forum
  • 10-12 April: CFE at the UN Ocean Decade Conference 10-12 April, Barcelona
  • 15 April: SSE Webinar - Measure, manage and maximise your impact: A dialogue with the social economy"
  • 15 April: Launch: A Territorial Approach to the SDGs in Paraná, Brazil
  • 15 April: Launch: Rural Innovation in Canada
  • 16 April: Steering Group for the Evaluation Network
  • 18 April: 6th OECD Roundtable on Circular Economy in Cities & Regions, Brussels
  • 17-18 April: 6th CSMEE Meeting
  • 19 April: 5th D4SME High-level Roundtable
  • 22 April: Visit of Mayor Vallo to the OECD


 May 2024



  • 14 May: 35th WPURB
  • 15 May: Launch: Place-based policies for the future
  • 18-24 May: 10th Water Forum in Bali
    Launch of the Handbook on the OECD Principles on Water Governance
    Launch of the Blue City profiles and high level roundtable of mayors and basins
  • 24 May: Webinar on Start-Up Exits
  • 24 May: Festival of Economics, Trento 
  • 29 May: 7th OECD Roundtable on Cities & Regions for the SDGs, San Sebastian, Spain


 June 2024



  • 13 June: Workshop with Korea Development Institute (KDI)
  • 13 June:  Launch event and workshop of the EU-OECD databases project (REGOFI/MUNIFI/SUBEMP)
  • 14 June: Workshop: shrinking smartly and sustainably
  • 25-27 June: Local Skills Week
  • 28 June: Launch: Settlement network report


July 2024



  • July 1-4: 7th Summer Academy for CCIs and Local Development






January 2024

  •  16 January, hybrid event | 4th Steering Committee of the World Observatory on Subnational Government Finance and Investment
  • 18 January, event | Bangkok Seminar "Sustainable Buildings and Cities"
  • 23 January, event | Launch ITA.CON (Italy TSI)


 February 2024


  • 1 February, event | [Trento, IT] 22nd SPL meeting - Presentation of the Trentino Spatial Productivity Review
  • February, event | Launch - Territorial Review of Brussels-Capital Region
  • 6 February, digital event |Global insights for local impacts: Delivering the US infrastructure pipeline
  • 6 February, event |Embracing Universal Civil Service: transforming Italy's youth employment landscape
  • 13 February | D4SME Webinar
  • 21 February event |Launch: Contribution of Migration to Regional Development in Australia
  • 26th-29th February,  Utrecht NL |  OECD EURADA Winter School for Regional Development Agencies


March 2024



  • 7-8 Buildings and Climate Global Forum
  • 12 March: Glasgow workshop on local job markets
  • 12 March:Webinar: "Worker cooperatives across continents: Policy and practical experiences"
  • 13 March: Follow up event: Rural innovation in the US
  • 18 March: OECD Expert Workshop: Creating Cities for All Ages
  • 20 March: Launch event - Localising the SDGs in a changing landscape
  • 26 March: Virtual Meeting: Well-being in rich resource regions: the role of private sector



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