Speakers' Presentations


Speakers Presentation


Plenary Session: Regulatory Policy, Better Rules for a New Game


Plenary Session: Regulatory Policy, Guiding the Road to Recovery and Growth


Session A1. Ex post Evaluation: Closing the Policy Cycle


Session A2. Building a Competitive and Business-friendly Environment


Session A3. Better Regulation for Green Growth


Session A4. Simplification Strategies through E-government


Session B1. Governance in Regulatory Oversight


Session B2. Social Impacts of Regulations


Session B3. Regulators and the Regulatees: Being Friendly without being Cozy?

Session B4. Open Government towards user-centered Regulation


Session C1. International Regulaty Co-operation

Session C2. Mapping Sustainability in Policy Making


Session C3. Addressing Risk in Regulatory Policy Making


Final Plenary Session: Regulation: The Challenge to Govern Better Learning from Failures to Prepare for the Future


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