Local currency bond markets


Local currency bond markets (LCBMs) play an important role in improving the resilience of the domestic economy and financial systems.


In November 2011, the G20 endorsed an action plan to support the development of LCBMs. International institutions—the IMF, the World Bank, the EBRD, and the OECD—were asked to draw on their experience to develop a diagnostic framework to identify general preconditions, key components, and constraints for successful LCBM development.


The diagnostic framework provides a tool for analysing the state of development and efficiency of local currency bond markets in emerging and developing economies. Such a tool can provide the basis for designing a strategy for market development and deepening with appropriate sequencing of policy action and associated delivery of technical assistance where needed.


News release 04/10/2013: Developing Local Currency Bond Markets: A New Diagnostic Framework


Local Currency Bond Markets - A Diagnostic Framework (pdf)


G20 Saint Petersburg Summit Declaration, 6 September 2013


G20 Action Plan to Support the Development of Local Currency Bond Markets, 15 October 2011


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