Climate change

Development and Climate Change


Climate change does not yet feature prominently within the environmental or economic policy agendas of many developing countries. Yet evidence shows that these countries might be particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts, and that climate change will likely affect the development potential for these countries.

With its work on development and climate change the OECD addresses synergies and trade-offs of development and climate change, both with respect to mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to their effects.

At the The meeting of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and the OECD Environment Policy Committee (EPOC) at Ministerial Level on 4 April 2006, OECD Development and Environment Ministries and Agencies launched a process to work in partnership with developing countries to integrate environmental factors efficiently into national development policies and poverty reduction strategies. The outcomes of the meeting were an agreed framework for common action, as well as a concrete agenda for integrating climate change adaptation into development co-operation.


Development and Climate Change Project
This project is a joint effort of the Development Co-operation and Environment Directorates to identify linkages and explore effective and efficient policy responses in the areas of development co-operation and climate change. The focus is on natural resource management and climate adaptation responses.

OECD Global Forum on Sustainable Development – Development and Climate Change was jointly organised by the OECD’s Environment and Development Co-operation Directorates on 11-12 November 2004. The objective was to bring the climate and development communities together to discuss key issues relating to "mainstreaming" responses to climate change by building them into routine economic development planning policies.

Other Collaborative Initiatives:

  • Poverty and Climate Change: Reducing the Vulnerability of the Poor through Adaptation
    Part I  and Part II  of the document)

    The OECD - together with nine other bilateral and multilateral agencies - has co-authored a paper on Poverty and Climate Change: Reducing the Vulnerability of the Poor through Adaptation. This paper was launched at a Side Event at SB-18  in June 2003. The purpose of this paper is to initiate a global dialogue on how to integrate adaptation to climate change and climate variability into poverty reduction. Additional information on the paper and on the development and climate change link can be found at the World Bank's Climate Change website
  • 2001 Pilot Project on Sustainable Development and Climate Change (4 case studies)

    In 2001, a pilot project investigated issues relevant to an evolving regime for addressing climate change, given various national and regional circumstances, including economic profiles, political interests, institutions and capacities. The pilot project emphasised mitigation policy. Four individual case studies covered Brazil, India, the West Africa region and South African perspectives.