Release of GHSTS v2 Planned for Early 2019

11 September 2018

Release of GHSTS v2 planned for early 2019 including improved metadata to describe the life-cycle of documents and submissions and elements to allow use for products other than plant protection products.


GHSTS Brochure and Benefits published

31 January 2018

A brochure on the GHSTS and a document describing the benefits of the GHSTS were published in January 2018.


The GHSTS version 01 is published

28 May 2014

The OECD has published the first version of the Globally Harmonised Submission and Transport Standard (GHSTS) in May 2014. The GHSTS is a standardised set of technical specifications used to assemble electronic files for any pesticide package in a predefined manner. Once the files are assembled according to the specifications, they can be transferred from a business entity to a regulatory authority and can be extracted for use in a regulatory process.


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