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Benefits of implementing GHSTS 
A Brochure on the GHSTS and a document describing the benefits of the GHSTS were published in January 2018.

This presentation gives an overview of the GHSTS project.

 GHSTS presentation (May 2014)

An understanding of the Globally Harmonised Submission and Transport Standard (GHSTS) can be gained by viewing the GHSTS Sample Dossier with the GHSTS Desktop Viewer, both made freely available on an external website by the European Crop Protection Association to support the GHSTS.

The GHSTS Sample Dossier has been built according to the GHSTS. It includes sample submission documents, a sample GHSTS XML file containing the metadata of the submission as well as references to the submission documents, and XML describing the dossier structure according to the OECD Guidance for Industry Data Submissions on Plant Protection Products and their Active Substances - Revision 2, May 2005.


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