Tenth meeting of the Roundtable on Financing Water

22-23 November 2023
09h00 - 18h00
Abidjan and online
10th meeting

The OECD and the African Development Bank (AfDB) are co-convening the 10th Roundtable on Financing Water: Regional meeting on Africa on 22-23 November in Abidjan, in partnership with the government of the Netherlands, the World Water Council, and the World Bank.

Representatives and leaders from the water and finance communities such as water utilities, water regulatory authorities, government, public and private investors, financial institutions, and commercial banks, are gathering to review and explore new approaches to water finance and promote impactful ways of financing water-related investment in Africa.

Water is a driver for growth and sustainable development globally, and most specifically in Africa. While there is a strong economic case to invest in water, investments are lagging on the continent. The challenging macroeconomic and financial context  (burgeoning public debt, liquidity problems, increased difficulty in accessing financial markets), as well as the recent decline in ODA to Africa, have reduced the capacity of African countries to invest in crucial sectors, including water and sanitation.




The regional meeting of the Roundtable on Financing Water in Africa in 2023 aims to:

    • Promote a regional perspective on financing water challenges and opportunities;
    • Engage with public and private actors, in particular financial institutions and investors on solutions to scale up investments for water in Africa. The focus will be on enabling policy and institutional frameworks, innovative financing approaches, arrangements that improve the risk/return profiles of water investments, and the financial sustainability of water utilities;
    • Explore practical ways to deliver on commitments made at the UN 2023 Water Conference. 

Sessions of the Roundtable meeting will focus on:

      • African perspectives on global water agendas and the global financial architecture;
      • Investing in water for growth and development (energy, agriculture, urban development);
      • Financing universal access to sanitation in urban and rural areas;
      • Unlocking the potential of private finance (international, regional, domestic) and regional/national development banks for water;
      • Highlighting the global value of water and biodiversity in Africa.
      • Understanding water risks and their implications for financial institutions in Africa.


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