Regional Economic Outlook Indicators


Key chart on the Regional Economic Outlook



Data on the Regional Economic Outlook

Key Macroeconomic Data     Download   
Inflation in Emerging Asia, 2017-18     Excel
Nominal exchange rate in Emerging Asia, 2017-18     Excel
Current account balances of Emerging Asian countries     Excel
General government fiscal balance in Emerging Asia     Excel
Contribution to real GDP growth in the ASEAN-5 countries     Excel
Contribution to growth in Brunei Darussalam and Singapore     Excel
Contribution to growth in CLM countries     Excel
Private consumption YOY growth in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines     Excel
Gross exports YOY growth in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand     Excel
Foreign direct investment in Emerging Asian countries, 2014-18     Excel
Thematic data: Towards smart urban transportation  Download
Traffic congestion for selected roads of Southeast Asia cities, 2018     Excel
Estimated total motor vehicles in use, 2005-15     Excel


Publications on the Regional Economic Outlook

Regional Economic Outlook 2019  Regional Economic Outlook 2018 Update Regional Economic Outlook 2018 
‌ ‌Regional Economic Outlook 2017


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