Programme "Our Youth Takes Initiative”


"OUR YOUTH TAKES INITIATIVE" (عندما يبادر الشباب)


The programme "Our Youth Takes Initiative” (عندما يبادر الشباب) targets youth-led civil society organisations from Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, which aspire to improve the situation of young people in their countries. With the support of OECD, selected organisations will engage in a 4-stage programme to support government efforts in translating OECD recommendations of the forthcoming Youth Governance Reviews into one concrete initiative in each country. The OECD will financially support the implementation of each initiative. 

The Programme will be launched on 31 March 2021 during the virtual MENA-OECD Governance Forum, which is organised by the MENA-OECD Governance Programme. 




  1. Building capacities of youth-led CSOs in Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia in addressing the challenges faced by youth;
  2. Encouraging partnerships between government and youth to implement innovative projects that empower youth and encourage policies and services that are responsive to their needs;
  3. Creating opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and contributing to the creation of a regional network of youth-led CSOs. 




Translate your idea into action! Apply now if you represent a youth-led (majority of staff younger than 35 years) CSO, which is based in Jordan, Morocco or Tunisia and works with and for youth.


  • Read the Call for Application to find out about the eligibility criteria and what documents we need from you.
  • Consult the Information Note to learn about the different stages of the programme.


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