Integrity & Anti-Corruption

Our work on integrity and anti-corruption in the MENA region aims to:

  • Reinforce legal and institutional frameworks to enhance public sector integrity
  • Foster a culture of integrity among public officials
  • Empower citizens, civil society and the media to hold public authorities accountable
  • Improve public auditing for a more efficient public sector
  • Reinforce transparency and efficiency in public procurement

Gender Equality

Our work on gender equality in the MENA region aims to:


  • Make parliaments open, accountable and transparent
  • Improve gender sensitivity in parliament
  • Secure women's equal access to parliament by encouraging female candidates to run for election, changing electoral and campaigning laws and promoting gender equality legislation


Local Governance

Our work on local governance in the MENA region aims to:


  • Support the modernisation of local administrations & the empowerment of local officials
  • Build local governments that are transparent, accountable and accessible
  • Engage with local communities to enable them to engage successfully with citizens

Machinery of Government

Our work on machinery of government in the MENA region focuses on improving transparency and efficiency in:



Rule of Law

Our work on rule of law in the MENA region includes:


  • and public trust in judicial bodies and the court system
  • Transparent rule-making and egal security for citizens and business
  • Trust in government and promoting social and economic performance



Our work to promote youth engagement and empowerment in the MENA region focuses on:


  • Formulating and implementing national youth policies
  • Creating legal and institutional frameworks to encourage youth participation in public life
  • Creating youth councils and similar bodies to give youth a stake in decision-making
  • Using innovative tools to engage youth in the policy cycle

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Launched as a long-term global initiative, The Deauville Partnership provides Arab countries in transition with a framework based on technical support. The MENA-OECD Governance Programme Centre of Caserta was created in 2012. The centre develops training courses to support the public administrations of the Arab countries.