Machinery of Government


The allocation of public resources for their best purpose requires transparent and efficient public financial management systems and sound audit and control mechanisms, including effective risk management. Given the significant share of public procurement in the gross domestic product (GDP), independent scrutiny is critial. Likewise, to enforce the role of law and apply the principles of good governance to the formulation and implementation of public policies and services, sound governance arrangements are indispensable.

The Programme’s work on the efficient machinery of government supports practitioners in the field of regulatory policy making, public financial management and public procurement in translating these principles into practice, notably in support of strategic development objectives.

Regional Dialogue

  • Working Group III - MENA Senior Budget Officials Network is the leading regional forum of budget directors that brings together OECD and MENA delegates as well as international experts to discuss priorities in budgeting and public financial management reform such as expenditure prioritisation, performance budgeting and medium-term expenditure frameworks.
  • Working Group IV - Regulatory Reform and Rule of Law promotes a forum for MENA countries and international experts to exchange good practices in regulatory reform.
  • MENA - OECD Network on Public Procurement aims to share good public procurement practices and identify needs for support in this area, and to contribute to the implementation of international legal standards on public procurement.