Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD (BIAC), Nicole Denjoy, Secretary General



Nicole Denjoy is the COCIR Secretary General since October 2005:

  • Leading the COCIR Office in Brussels and COCIR Office in China, raising COCIR profile in EU and internationally,
  • Building high level relationships with key stakeholders including decision-makers with COCIR members as well as with the European institutions and other regulatory bodies inside and outside Europe (includes USA, Japan, Canada and China),
  • Articulating strategies on specific activities with COCIR members on economic, regulatory, technical, business aspects as well as promoting active contribution of COCIR in the sustainability of healthcare systems.

Nicole’s overall experience is:

  • 27 years experience in the field of Regulatory Affairs, Vigilance and Quality Assurance working with known international healthcare industries, including L’air Liquide, Ohmeda, Boston Scientific and Baxter,
  • 17 years experience in International & European Standardization.


Nicole has a Master in Organisation and Change Management

Nicole is representing COCIR in a variety of influencial fora such as the Health Policy Forum, European Partnership Against Cancer, EUnetHTA Industry Stakeholder Forum, coordinated by DG Sanco. Nicole is also representing industry stakeholder group in eHealth activities such as i2010 sub-group and is actively participating in Joint Action on Governance on eHealth under close relationship with DG INFSO and DG Sanco.

Nicole since 2008 is representing COCIR, as one of the European Healthcare Industry Organisation in Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF) Steering Committee and became the Standards Rapporteur in May 2010.

Nicole became as of May 2010 the chair of the BIAC Task Force on Health Care Policy representing the business branch in front of the OECD Health Committee.


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