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OECD Recommendation

Recognise that any use of the public procurement system to pursue secondary policy objectives should be balanced against the primary procurement objective.  


  • Evaluate the use of public procurement as one method of pursuing secondary policy objectives in accordance with clear national priorities.
  • Develop an appropriate strategy for the integration of secondary policy objectives in public procurement systems.
  • Employ appropriate impact assessment methodology to measure the effectiveness of procurement in achieving secondary policy objectives.



Risks to public procurement related to balance include:

  • Balancing secondary policy objectives against the primary procurement objective (delivering goods and services necessary to accomplish government mission in a timely, economical and efficient manner)
  • The lack of data or appropriate methodologies to measure the impact of public procurement strategies and policies to address secondary policy objectives
  • The absence of legal requirements, the insufficient incentives and the lack of financial/human resources to measure the effects of strategies and policies to address secondary policy objectives

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