OECD Recommendation

Foster transparent and effective stakeholder participation.


  • Develop and follow a standard process when formulating changes to the public procurement system.
  • Engage in transparent and regular dialogues with suppliers and business associations to present public procurement objectives and to assure a correct understanding of markets.
  • Provide opportunities for direct involvement of relevant external stakeholders in the procurement system.

Challenges to public procurement related to transparency include:

  • Laws and policies, general information for suppliers, select and award criteria, and contract award decisions are usually proactively disclosed; procurement plans and contract modifications less
  • Transparency and openness, while a necessary condition, is not sufficient to ensure public participation (civil society needs a specific communication and proper incentives, including trained manpower and sufficient budget to participate in procurement monitoring for instance)
  • Few countries directly involve citizens in high-value or complex procurement processes that entail significant risks or mismanagement


Other institutions’ work on participation