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Competition in major digital markets is different in some ways from competition in more traditional markets.  This sector often includes platform-based business models, multi-sided markets, network effects and economies of scale which render competition issues more complex. Unlike in most economic sectors, as the digital economy becomes increasingly interconnected some co-ordination and co-operation between firms could be unavoidable, and may indeed be pro-competitive. Finally, digital markets are characterised by high rates of investment and innovation, which lead to rapid technological progress in the sector, and to increased disruptive innovation.

Since the impact of the digital sector extends beyond information goods and services to other areas of the economy, competition authorities are finding questions related to the digital economy to be increasingly significant for their work. 

The Digital Lab was born out of desire to provide practical support to authorities seeking guidance on competition and the digital economy using OECD research. 

In December 2019, the Global Forum on Competition will experiment with an innovative new format to share it’s expertise directly with authorities seeking advice and information on digital issues. The OECD Secretariat will provide guidance on methodological and analytical tools to those agencies who are willing to participate in the Digital Lab.


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