Second Workshop, “Changing the Conversation on Growth: Going Inclusive"


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Second OECD/Ford Foundation Workshop




Moderators: Ms. Zeinab Badawi, Presenter, World News Today, BBC

Mr. Xavier de Souza Briggs, Vice President, Ford Foundation

Mr. E.J. Dionne, Columnist, The Washington Post


 27 February 2014, Ford Foundation, New York City

Welcoming Remarks


 “Leaders from across the world are searching for proven, evidenced-based approaches to rising poverty and inequality, and we hope this project can help point the way toward promising solutions. By working together, we can build a smarter approach to growth that taps the potential of everyone to contribute to society and share more equitably in its gains. That will strengthen all of us”.

Darren Walker President, Ford Foundation

 “Economic growth should deliver better living standards for all, and increased prosperity must be accompanied by better social outcomes and well-being. Therefore, the benefits of stronger growth should be shared more evenly in society. Together, with the right tools and policies, we can make it happen.

Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General


The Second Workshop, “Changing the Conversation on Growth: Going Inclusive,” discussed the growth inequality nexus, identified “win-win” policy instruments that simultaneously drive growth and inclusiveness, and addressed implementation by looking at the role of cities as crucial actors of change.

It was comprised of three sessions. Each session included ideas by thought leaders and open debate, and was run by a moderator:

  • Session 1: Why Inclusiveness Matters for Growth;
  • Session 2: Win-Win Policies for Equity and Growth; and
  • Session 3: Cities as Actors for Inclusive Growth.


Special guest and panellist

  • Shaun Donovan, US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Read Mr. Donovan's full keynote speech
  • Mohammed Louafa, Minister, Ministry of General Affairs and Governance, Kingdom of Morocco - Read Mr. Louafa's full keynote speech

OECD and Ford Foundation

  • Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General - Read Mr. Gurría's full keynote speech
  • Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation


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Watch the Morning Session

Watch the Afternoon Session




Supported by the Ford Foundation, the OECD Inclusive Growth Initiative offers a new approach to the economic challenges we face today and may face tomorrow. The Initiative aims to provide decision makers with a better understanding of the trade-offs and synergies among the policy tools that can make growth not only stronger but also more inclusive. Through a series of consultations with decision makers and stakeholders at the national, regional and local levels, the Initiative reflects the special conditions and implementation challenges of advanced, emerging-market and developing economies.



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