The OECD Gender Data Portal includes selected indicators shedding light on gender inequalities in education, employment, entrepreneurship, health, development and Governance, showing how far we are from achieving gender equality and where actions is most needed. The data cover OECD member countries, as well as partner economies including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and South Africa.







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Ensuring strong equitable legal frameworks as an accelerator for gender equality in Africa
Legal frameworks that discriminate against women often go hand in hand with larger gender gaps in the economic, social and political spheres.

The proportion of female doctors has increased in all OECD countries over the past two decades
The proportion of female doctors has increased in all OECD countries over the past two decades, and female doctors are on average younger than male doctors.

Pay Transparency - OECDs "Pay transparency tools to close the gender wage gap", is the first OECD-wide stocktaking of pay transparency measures, and the report finds that half of the 38 OECD countries mandate systematic, regular gender wage gap reporting by private sector firms. 

The promises of digitalisation for women entrepreneurs in the MENA region
Digital transformation mitigates some traditional barriers to women’s entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The series of regional dialogue organised by the MENA-OECD Women’s Economic Empowerment Forum (WEEF) highlighted the potential benefits of the ongoing changing nature of entrepreneurship for MENA women’s entrepreneurs.

Women in senior management roles at energy firms remains stubbornly low, but efforts to improve gender diversity are moving apace (IEA 2021)
It has been well-documented that women in leadership positions enable companies to maximise the power of diverse perspectives and innovative decision making, which improves the overall success of a firm’s performance.