• 12-November-2010

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    Seizing the Benefits of Trade for Employment and Growth

    Open markets, complemented by properly designed employment and social policies, are essential to growth and job creation, says this joint report by the OECD, the International Labour Organization (ILO), the World Bank and the World Trade Organization (WTO).

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  • 11-November-2010


    G20: OECD Statement to G20 Leaders in Seoul, Session on Global Economy and Framework

    The OECD Secretary-General presents a report prepared for G20 Seoul Summit. The report is structured as follows. First, it elaborates on how the policy priorities identified in the OECD structural surveillance process and by G20 countries in their national policy templates would contribute to stronger growth, sounder public finances and more sustainable global imbalances. The Report then discusses options for strengthening the OECD

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  • 7-August-2009


    Tackling the crisis – a strategic response

    The OECD is working to help governments restore confidence and stability in the financial system, soften the impact of the recession and strengthen the global economy over the longer term. Its strategic response to the crisis covers two main areas: align regulations and incentives in the financial sector to ensure tighter oversight and risk management; review and upgrade national policies and improve international coordination to

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