About the OECD Digital for SME Global Initiative


The OECD, in collaboration with Business at OECD, presents the OECD Digital for SMEs Global Initiative (D4SME), a global collaborative knowledge platform encompassing both public and private sectors.


Its core purpose is to foster knowledge exchange between government, industry, and academia in OECD countries. The goal is to identify and advocate effective policy practices to support SMEs in their digitalisation journey. Additionally, the initiative seeks to generate and disseminate insights into the key trends, opportunities, and challenges related to SME digitalisation –  with an emphasis on “traditional” SMEs across all sectors of the economy.


This initiative is led by OECD governments at the ministerial level and includes representation from SMEs and business associations, as well as international scholars from academia. It has also garnered support from multinational companies, including Amazon, Intuit, Kakao, Meta, Microsoft, Paypal, Vodafone, Wolt, and Wix, who support large numbers of SMEs globally on their digitalisation journey. Leveraging international benchmarks and in-depth country-level assessments, the OECD stands ready to assist governments in evaluating the digital adoption landscape for SMEs.

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