Upcoming events


 9-11 June 2020  ‌Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

2nd Harmonisation Meeting 

The meeting will be organised by the Quality Inspection Bureau of the Netherlands (Kwaliteits Controle Bureau, KCB) on 9-11 June 2020 at KCB Headquarters in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

The Harmonisation meeting will discuss the following products:

  • Asparagus (a big production in the Netherlands, which ends every year on 21 june approximately)
  • Tomatoes (KCB was the rapporteur of the 2019 OECD exlanatory brochure on Tomatoes)
  • Citrus
  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Onions, garlic and leek

and will hold a special session on “marking of products”.

The agenda will be vailable in due time.

Past events

June 2019: 20th Harmonisation of the Fruit and Vegetables Quality Assessment, Mojmírovce, Slovak Republic 

March 2019: 32nd International Meeting on Quality Control of Fruit and Vegetables, Bonn, Germany.