OECD recommendations

Boosting productivity in sheltered sectors is key. Current efforts to strengthen competition in these sectors, especially agriculture and banking, are welcome and should be pursued. Improvements in public transport and a more effective education system could better integrate of under-privileged groups into the labour market and increase inclusive growth.

  • Increase education funding for disadvantaged groups.
  • Develop vocational education and training for young adults.
  • Require Haredi schools to teach mathematics, science and foreign languages.
  • Cut red tape for businesses by streamlining business licensing.
  • Continue lifting import barriers by further cutting tariffs and non-tariff measures.
  • Replace quotas, guaranteed prices and customs tariffs with direct payments to farmers.
  • Boost efficiency in network industries. 



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Productivity - Israel


Source: OECD May 2017 Economic Outlook database

 Key publications

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Bank of Israel

National Economic Council

The Ministry of Finance’s initiative taken in December 2015 to create an ad-hoc Commission headed by its Director General to recommend measures to increase productivity.


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